Founded by Doctors

Prior to forming our Board of Directors, each of our founders had patients recount to them the many ways marijuana outperformed traditional pharmaceuticals for so many different ailments. These patients, struggling with pain for years turned to MMJ in desperation and never went back to pharmaceuticals. Holding such testimonials always in the back of their minds during the genesis and eventual explosion of the medical marijuana movement, they came together in 2014 – three oncologists, an anesthesiologist and an internist to discuss how incredible the medicinal benefits of marijuana were for their patients. They realized their vision was the same: to provide a healthy pain management alternative to those in need. This led to the concept which would become The Apothecary Shoppe.

Dr. Nick Spirtos

Dr. Nick Spirtos

CEO & Chairman of the Board

Dr. Spirtos is a world-renowned oncologist who studied and later tought at Stanford University before coming to Las Vegas where he currently manages the Women’s Cancer Center.

Dr. Jeff Hsieh

Dr. Jeff Hsieh

Board Member

Dr. Hsieh is a partner at the Women‘s Cancer where he has a reputation for vaginal rejuvination. When he’s not dressed in scrubs you can follow him at his instagram.

Dr. Sean Dempsey

Dr. Sean Dempsey

COO & Board Member

Dr. Dempsey is an international man of mystery. He is both a renowned anaesthesiologist and poker player (depicted here). He received his bachelor’s from Notre Dame before moving on to the Keck School of Medicine at USC.

Perfect service by Professional Budtenders

The Crew at The Apothecary Shoppe is here to serve you with the same happiness and motivation many of our patients feel whilst enjoying the effects of cannabis. Stepping through the front doors of our welcoming entry lounge, everyone enjoys complimentary water & popcorn, comfy chairs & sofas. Proceed into our classy Cannabis Show Room where our AWESOME Budtenders use their years of expertise and straight out of the lab knowledge to craft and personalize each patient experience.

Grown with care by Craft Cannabis Team

Craft Cannabis marijuana grow team is absolute experts in cultivating marijuana and producing pure medicinal products. Here we continiously research and make greatest changes to marijuana community and cultivation science.

Who Is Mortimer Hawkins?

Meet Dr. A.M. Hawkins

Born in New York, New York in 1848 to a poor but kind-hearted doctor named Arthur and his young wife, Emily (nee Tipton), Arthur Mortimer Hawkins II lived in a quiet corner of Brooklyn, or at least “quiet” as a corner of New York can get. His mother was an English woman of mysterious parentage that he never could get her to talk about; all she would say is that she came to make the most of the opportunities in this new and free world.

Born in the south but at home in the north, Dr. Arthur Mortimer Hawkins, Sr. was as kind and inviting as his wife was delicately withdrawn. Each night, young Morty would stay up until he heard his father’s steps clip up the stairs to their small flat. The gentle murmurs of his mother’s fine, soft-spoken English would blend with his father’s deep and silky drawl to create a melody that young Morty would hold in deep in his heart for years to come.

A family torn apart by war

A driven and compassionate doctor, Arthur Sr. often spent weekends in the dark corners of New York, helping those patients too poor, too scared, or too ill to move. Naturally, he was one of the first to answer the call to arms when war broke out among the states. The last day Arthur Mortimer Hawkins saw his father was the day he left for war.

Arthur’s mother was never quite the same after his father died, but for the sake of her beloved son, her English spine never wavered. Instead, she found work as a school teacher in the far corners of the city, trekking the same roads her husband had walked so many years ago.

One night, when Morty was just shy of his 18th birthday, Arthur’s mother fell ill. And within in a mere 72 hours, Mortimer’s calming, stabilizing presence suddenly left his life.

Heading west for hope

Left adrift, Mortimer turned to the only thing he knew: school and medicine. Harnessing his pain and anguish, Mortimer attacked the profession of medicine with the fervor of a demon. Through dedication and an intense desire to get back what was stolen from him, Mortimer outpaced his peers two times over to become a doctor in half the time. Despite his accomplishments and his genius, restlessness plagued young A.M. Hawkins, and he decided to venture west on the Continental Railroad.

Las Vegas Origins

The four-month journey from New York to the best stop on the Old Spanish Trail was rife with peril. It was on this trip that A.M. Hawkins was severely injured, and thenceforth, he would need a cane to walk.

He never speaks of the incident, and the only witness, Nez, was Dr. Hawkins’ close confidant and companion. Although once rumored that he was the one who taught A.M. Hawkins how to use cannabis as a healing agent in the weeks after his surgery, all Nez will ever say is that A.M. Hawkins became a “true doctor” that day.

A.M. Hawkins has worked tirelessly to spread the word to patients about the power of cannabis since before Las Vegas was Sin City. Traveling far and wide for the best methods, products, and applications, Dr. Hawkins brings his knowledge back to our Las Vegas medical marijuana dispensary for the benefit of all of our patients.

Mortimer Hawking’s Apothecary Shoppe for Marijuana Relief

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